Do you provide free towing services?

In case of collision repair, we provide free towing services.

How does paintless dent repair work?

The backside of the panel is accessed and then using specialized tools, the dent is pushed up gradually to remove all traces of it.

Do you use suction cup like the advertisements shown on TV?

No, we do not use suction cups like the ones shown on television, as they are ideal for large dents, but at the same time, they do not remove the traces of dents completely. These cups pull up the dent to a high spot, but do not help overall to get rid of the dents a 100 percent. Our specialized paintless dent repair method requires a keen eye, experience and training to seamlessly eliminate all signs of the dent.

Are your technicians trained to perform paintless dent repair?

Our technicians are sufficiently trained and are highly skilled in performing paintless dent repair. Our technicians are well-versed in working on the dents from underneath while still keeping a vigilant eye on the top surface of the panel. They possess outstanding hand-eye coordination that makes them a master of their trade. Due to their expertise, the finish of the panel surface is not damaged or disturbed in any way whatsoever.

Another dent repair company told me that my vehicle’s dent cannot be removed with paintless dent repair. Should I get a second opinion?

We always advise our customers to get second opinion. Our advanced paintless dent removal method can repair superficial dents and hailstorm created dents on the panel with minimal worries.

Will I have to pay for the dent repair?

No, our customers have ZERO out of pocket expense. We handle insurance claims directly with the insurance companies. So our customers never have to pay anything.

How long will Pro-Masters take to finish the repair?

Depending on the severity and extent of the dents, our technicians may take anywhere from one hour to five hours to complete the repair. We offer our customer a free rental car that they can use to drive to work or finish their other chores and tasks while the repair is completed.

Which areas do you service?

We serve Pueblo and surrounding areas.


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